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Friday, November 18, 2016

Mixed Bag

It was 56 degrees when I went walking this morning.  Wow, was it nice!  It is supposed to snow tomorrow so I'd better enjoy it today.

Yesterday was a mixed bag as far as embroidery goes. I got the peas sewn onto the boat.

Did I get the book cover attached?  No.  It was because my hoop was otherwise occupied. I have another hoop on order and it is in the mail. I was finishing up the backstitching on the Queen's Ruff.  Then I cut out the padding for the Queen's face.  I goofed that up as I cut one out of batting that should have been cut out of felt.  Oh well, no harm, no foul.  I stitched down about five pieces of batting.

 I had a real problem finding her nose.  She has a little foam piece for a nose.  I looked all over.  I was ready to give up,  I looked through everything in the kit for the fourth time and boom, I found it.  It was small and I overlooked it several times. Then I got to the exciting part, putting her face on.  When I was about half way around, I discovered my error.  I had assumed.  You know what they say about assuming.  I thought you matched up the front and back dots and stitched through them.  Nope.  You want to stretch the front a bit so the dots are 1/16 inch beyond the back dots.  Ugh.  So I took out what I had done.  And that's where I am, ready to redo the backstitching of the face.

 But what a face!  She is beautiful.  This is a fabulous kit and Amy Mitten is a genius.

DH is off to the grocery store to get the stuff for next week and Thanksgiving.  I should get my Paper Pumpkin kit today. I have so much fun with those.  With the cost of cards, this is a bargain.  That's besides the fact that I have fun anticipating it's arrival and fun making the stuff in the kit.
I hope you have a fun day too.


  1. You are so making me want the Elizabeth's ruff kit!! I really NEED it to go with my Gay Ann Rogers's Elizabeth (finished and framed) and my Cabinet of Curiosities (not even started). But I have 90 million projects that I should be working on instead. For now I am sitting on my hands so I won't click "place order" We will see how long that will last.

  2. I just love Owl & Pussycat, so darn cute.
    You've made god progress on Queen's Ruff.