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Friday, November 11, 2016


Magazines have become very inexpensive if you subscribe.  When I subscribed to a magazine I got offers I couldn't refuse.  I ended up getting Traditional Home magazine for next to nothing.  I thought it would be enjoyable to thumb through every month.  I got the Traditional Home with Tim Gunn from Project Runway on the cover.  They showed his apartment (house?).  I saw two things in there that are fantastic.  He has a bookcase that looks like a doll house.  It was inherited from his mother.  So not something you can buy.  I just love it.

Then on his dining room table and scattered throughout his place are small architectural models. They are very interesting.  I looked them up online.  Wow. I was especially attracted to one.  St. John's at King College in Oxford.  It reminds me of a magical day on the UK tour when Janet and I walked around Oxford looking at all the old buildings.  What a fantastic day in the rain waiting for the Ashmolean Museum to open.  So I bit the bullet and ordered it.  It came in the mail yesterday.  I love it, it is gorgeous.  The detail is amazing.

DH calls it a dustcatcher.  I have to find just the right place for it.  It isn't that big.  Here it is next to my coffee cup.

This is why looking through Traditional Home is dangerous.

I am still working on kitty.  All her pieces are attached.  But working her face is challenging.  The face makes all the difference.  It has to be perfect or it can ruin the whole effect.

 I am not sure about his ear.  I'm thinking of moving it over just a bit.  There are more details to be put in yet.  I have to decide today whether to leave the ear or move it.  I peeked at what comes next.  Pea leaf sails!

I was happy to see that Janet has been encouraged to work on her design of The Owl and the Pussycat.  A special thank you to Janet for showing me around Oxford that morning last year.

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  1. That bookcase is awesome!
    What a treasure.
    Owl & Pussycat is coming along, so detailed!