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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I finally glued the trim to the top of the trinket box.

 Dare I say it?  It's done!!!
I know that there are many mistakes in this but it was great way to learn by doing.  I'll know better how to do things when it comes to my caskets.

My sons each gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I have been having fun spending them.  I had a running list of books that I wanted.  I ordered several of them.  One of them came in yesterday's mail.  It was reviewed by Mary Corbet, Modern Folk Embroidery.
 One of the projects in the book:

 Love it.  My friend Janet Brandt is just a master at this type of embroidery.  I wanted a resource for stitches and designs.  Wouldn't it be fun to putter all day, combining colors and stitches and just see what happens?

Here is sweet Claire in her Elsa dress.  Don't you love the wig?

 I am so happy with how the dress fits her.  She is a real princess.
Evan is awfully cute too.

We have lived in our neighborhood for 38 years.  All the children have grown up and gone.  We had very few trick or treaters last night.  Less than 20 even with the mild weather.  Lots of candy is leftover.
How can it be November already??


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Miss Claire in her Elsa gown is beautiful! And best of all the trinket box is beautiful and done! The trim is a perfect choice for the edges! Yeah and yippee!!

  2. Well done on a fantastic trinket box. It looks gorgeous.

  3. What a treasure. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  4. I love the box; what an achievement.

  5. your finished box is really gorgeous! Congrats on such a stunning piece! Our neighborhood is like yours. We only had 45 visit us. Back when then boys were little I'd lose count around the 300 mark. I miss those days! Your grands are darling!

  6. Your trinket box is wonderful! The two chart bits you combined to do the sides work so well together - excellent planning and selections and lovely stitching. And from your photos, it looks like the trim is a perfect match for the fabric.

    We had 71 kids last night - really surprised me as it was about double what we had last year, and way more than we've had in the past ten years or so.

  7. Beautiful finish on the trinket box!

  8. The Trinket box is gorgeous.
    The kids are cute in their costumes.
    The Elsa costume looks perfect, and love her wig and little matching blue shoes. :)
    Even looks like he is growing fast.
    We live on a busy state hwy and no sidewalks, so we never get any trick-or-treaters. :(

  9. Amy, I just love the trinket box - - it makes me want to get on and do the finishing for mine!