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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here Kitty, Kitty

I got the needlelace for the pussycat all done.

Now I get to pad him with felt and apply the needlelace.  Woo-hoo!  The goal for today is to get kitty all done.  The pieces don't look like much.  They are tiny.  I didn't even have to redo any of them.  Maybe I'm getting the hang of this?

I finished up the stitching on Let It Bee.

 I wasn't sure if I wanted to stitch the border.  I thought I would do a little bit and think about it.  So far:

Amy Mitten has sent my Ruff kit.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get here.  I'm expecting it next Wednesday.  The lessons are posted.  I looked through the first one and it looks easy!  But then Amy's directions are very much step by step.

Mary Corbet reviewed a new book from the Inspirations magazine people.  It is called "A Passion for Needlework".

 It got a rave review.  I have the book on order from Amazon and can't wait for it to arrive. It's one of the books I ordered with my gift certificate.  It is being released next week.


  1. I am enjoying watching the owl and the pussy cat grow. Going to be lovely. I ordered that book last week and am excited for it to get to me.

  2. You will have this done in no time!
    Love let it bee the way it is.
    The book looks mavelous!