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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Playing Hookey

I didn't post yesterday.  I was off doing other stuff.  First of all, I overslept by over an hour.  So I had to cut short my walk.  Then just after I started walking, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my Fitbit.  Duh.  So I didn't even get credit for the steps I walked.  Then halfway into walking, my Ipod died.  Is it going to be one of those kind of days??  My big plans were to go stitch with BFF#2.  I was late getting there.  But then my day started to look up.
This is what I took to work on.

Doesn't it look exciting?  I thought I would take something very boring and that talking with BFF#2 would make it not boring at all.  I got all of the lining on Mistress L and it was painless.  It is totally done.

 Whew.  That was one of my goals for this year.  I did go back and add a "y" so it looks like "Amy".

 Then I decided to add the paillettes around the queens.

 Guess where I got the paillettes?  I went crawling around my sewing room floor and table and found five paillettes.  I had to add a few more from my stash.

Then after spending the day with BFF#2, I went with her and her mother to Costco.  I don't have a membership so it was fun to see what they had.  I bought as much as my cash on hand would allow.  DH was not terribly happy with me.  There are always lots of food to sample.  Those chocolate covered hazelnuts were good.  I'm always tempted by the good prices on books.  But I only got a book and it was for Claire.

Today I am back to my regularly scheduled programming.  Walking?  Check.  Breakfast?  Check.  USA Today puzzles?  Check.  Trolling the internet?  Check.  Time to put in some stitches on The Owl and the Pussycat.


  1. Beautiful needlework and you should be so proud of yourself for your healthy lifestyle

  2. Mistress looks so pretty.
    Congrats on a big finish!
    Hope your day goes better.