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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Two Finish-Finishes

It seemed like I did everything twice yesterday.  I goofed it up the first time and then had to redo it.  ARGH.  That happened with the Shepherd's Bush Tray.  I laced the stitching on some comic board but when I was all done, it was a quarter inch off, too small.  So I had to cut it off and try again.
The second time things worked out better.  I admit that I installed the stitching into the tray with double stick tape.  Ta-dah!
I got good mail yesterday.  I had been looking for some nice fabric to finish the pink pin cushion.  I looked at the fabric store for some velvet, velveteen or dupioni silk in the right color.  I even looked for some cotton, anything in a peachy pink color.  No luck.  So when Tricia offered a small cut of velvet that matched, I had to order some.  Her velvet is a nice heavy duty kind and not so hard to work with.  I got my order in the mail yesterday and had no excuse for not finishing the pink pin cushion.  Ta-dah!
I'm happy with how it turned out even though the edge is just plain.
I didn't start something new yesterday as I have so many WIPs.  All I had to do was pick something off the sewing room floor.  I got to thinking of what I would like to work on and two WIPs came to mind.  The gold bird and the Flemish Ornament.  I'll show you tomorrow what I picked up off the floor.