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Thursday, July 21, 2016


When BFF#2 came over to my house to stitch on Monday, I had an embarrassing moment.  BFF#2 needed a certain color of floss so I had to open my sewing room closet door and pull out the Floss Bin of Shame.  We went through the box looking for DMC 3859 but never found it.  BFF#2 kindly remarked that maybe I might want to get rid of the big knot of floss that was in the bin.  That big knot is probably two decades old.  Why can't I throw it away??  I confess that sometimes when I need floss, I don't even want to look for it in the Floss Bin of Shame.  It is so much easier to just run down to JoAnn's and get what I need.  I was thinking about this yesterday and decided to clean out the Floss Bin of Shame.
I decided to keep all the floss that was in those little floss bags.  It actually would be nice to have all my floss in individual bags that can be put on a ring for a project.  Then I decided I would keep all the floss that had its number still on it.  Numberless flosses are not useful.  I also decided to throw away small bits of floss with the numberless skeins.  I worked on the bin for a while and the pile seemed to get bigger rather than smaller!  At last, I came to the knot.  It was a big old tangled mess of floss.  Yes, I threw it away.  Finally.
I have confidence that I can buy the floss I need and will never miss that knot.  What was interesting was how many skeins I had of 632 and 420.  I bet I had 10 skeins of each one.  Whenever I go looking in this bin for white, I can never find any in that bin. 
My Floss Bin of Shame may still look messy but at least I got rid of that stupid knot.


  1. There's no shame in getting rid of things that are no longer useful!

  2. I feel so much better now about my floss stash.

  3. Good for you on getting rid of the knot! I've found that even when something is no longer useful, I still need (crave?) permission to get rid of it. Am finally learning that I can give myself permission...

  4. I think all of us have a big floss knot. :)