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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


"Stuff" is easier to spell than "Miscellaneous".  I wanted to show you two things I bought recently.  Both of them are related to my friend Janet, the most creative person I know.  The first item I got because Janet has one.  I saw it at her house and I wanted one too.
This is a fancy-dancy key fob.  I put my casket key on it.  I think it just ties on, I wasn't sure how to attach it other than just tie it on.  I think it is cool.
I started the stitch along from a design by Janet.
As you can see, I didn't get very far before getting distracted.  I would like to finish it. Stitching this convinced that I could just embroider a design.
 Then I was looking at the French General site.  (Dangerous, I'm always tempted to buy something).  I happened to see their gift card and thought, I really like that design.  So I looked through the site to see if it was based on a fabric.  Nope.  Then I looked through the embroidery kits.  I found it!  But the embroidery kit was done in many colors.  The gift certificate was just red.  I really liked just the red.  So I bought the embroidery kit and plan to stitch it entirely in red.

It is big (11" by 14") so I guess it could be a pillow.  Now if I just had more time...


  1. Don't we always need more time. I think that is going to look great in all red.

  2. That's a unique keytag.
    The new project looks fun.