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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bottoms Done

I finished up the bottom liner piece on the prestitching for Ode.

There are four sides and four lining outlines up next.  I'm not sure I can stay interested with such a repetitive pattern.  I'll try but I may have to add something.  I filled in some half cross on the profile of Jane.  The back of her head isn't really flat, I will add the curls later.

I made some decisions on Evan's name pillow.  The background of the "a" was supposed to be black but I softened it by making it dark blue.

 Not sure if I like it.  I think in the scheme of things it will work out though. I did my name in those colors and it turned out fine.

 The goal for today is to finish off the "a".

I'm almost done with the honeycomb on Diligence.

I've had a change of plans for August.  I got into class with BFF#1 and BFF#2.  That will be fun.
It is very hot here today.  Nice time to stitch in the air conditioning.

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