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Thursday, July 7, 2016


I got the prestitching for a class I'm taking at the end of September.  I was afraid it would all be over one but it's not!    I was attracted to this project because of the beautiful cherry box.  I had to join a guild in New York to be able to take it.  You can only join this guild during the month of October.  I finally managed to do that.  The name of the class is Ode as in, Ode to Jane Austin.

 I worked on the bottom liner for the box yesterday.

I was surprised that the color of the flower looking things was "medley" when there were several colors of pink in the kit but they look fine.

I started the little profile of Jane Austen. It will be a needle book.
I'm hoping to get Diligence in the mail today.  BFF#2 already got hers so I should get mine soon.  Will I be tempted to start it?  You know I will.

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  1. This looks like an interesting project.