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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bee Happy

I got to the bees on Diligence!  There are three bees and they are all done in slightly different ways.  It is great to learn how to make a stumpwork bee.
The first one I worked on is on the ort container.  It called for stretch floss.  I haven't worked with that before.  It seems to be like a colored rubber band.

The second one I started on the thread winder.

He still needs some wings.  I like the chenille on this one.

The third one will be on the tape measure.

These are all very cool.

I didn't finish the "a" in Evan's name pillow.  I ran out of thread.  This morning I'll run over to a yarn shop that has some threads to see if I can find it.  Otherwise, BFF#2 and I are planning to go to House of Stitches tomorrow.  Fun!


  1. Cute bees!
    Oh, what fun-House Of Stitches.
    Have fun!

  2. Those bees are so pretty. Your stitching is wonderful.

  3. Bzzz bzzz bzzzzzz... I love the fuzzy looking one!