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Friday, July 8, 2016


The internet has really opened up the whole world for me.  You can find out whatever you want to know.  You can see what people are stitching half way around the world.  You can be inspired at any time of the day.  When I was at the June retreat a friend brought show and tell that was so beautiful.  It was a birdcage etui.  I googled it to see if it was available somewhere.  I found the website of the designer, Gary Clarke.  I didn't find the birdcage on his site but I found another kit that I wanted to make.  So I ordered it - from Tasmania!  It came in the mail this week.  It is really fascinating.

I was surprised to find only one color of thread, gold.

Then there was a printed design.  There are a lot of stitch diagrams some of which I haven't done before.

The directions are on a CD.  At least, I think they are.   I haven't looked at the CD yet as I have been busy with Ode prestitching.  This will be a really interesting project.

I am still diligently waiting for Diligence.
Maybe today?


  1. You find the most interesting - and lovely - things to stitch!

  2. This DOES look interesting.
    Can't wait to see what you do with it.