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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I have several things in the works.  I started the finishing of Evan's name pillow.  It is going very well but I ran out of stuffing.

I worked on the prestitching for Ode.  I have several pieces (4 1/2) done and several more to go.  I'm trying not to be bored with doing the same motif over and over and over again.

BFF#2 came over to my house yesterday and stitched.  What fun to get together and stitch!  It made doing some boring stitching much more fun.  I put in a row of words on Mistress L.  At the end of the row, I realized that I was 3 threads off.  Rats.  So I had to take out the whole row.  And put it back in again.  But I did it. It is nearly 13 inches long now.

 I want to get to 16 inches, then I will be half way done.  Wow.  That is an accomplishment considering that I started at 1 and 3/4 inches.

I have a busy day.  I'm going to my semi-annual dental appointment this morning.  In the afternoon, I'm meeting a friend I used to work with.  I'm going to find out all the juicy details of what is going on where I used to work.


  1. Great progress on all of your projects.
    Hope you had fun with your work friend.

  2. Evan's name pillow came out very nicely.

    I understand how stitching the same motif repeatedly can get tedious, but Ode looks like it will be a delightful piece.

    And look at all the progress you've made on Mistress L!