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Friday, July 22, 2016

For Maria

Maria asked to see a photo of the new and improved Floss Bin of Shame.
This is the before photo:

 With a gift certificate from my sister, I bought this pretty box from Michael's.

 It has been sitting around for a while here in the sewing room and I wasn't sure what to put in it.  So when I sorted out the Floss Bin of Shame I used the box for the floss that I wanted to keep.  It totally filled up the box.

Jackie DuPlessis has boxes like these too.

But in all honesty, this is not the only box of floss.  There are specialty threads in these boxes.

There are also ziploc bags of specialty threads in this basket.  I'm proud of this basket because I made it.

And we won't talk about the floor.  Yes, I need a maid or a cleaning woman.

It is very hot and humid out today.
Did I show you the Christmas stocking that I am going to make for Evan?

156 shopping days until Christmas.  At least that's what the radio said this morning.


  1. Those boxes are nice.
    I have one full of charts. :)
    The stocking for Evan will be so cute.

  2. How do you tell what floss you have? I might be awake all night over that lol