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Saturday, July 16, 2016


I have made great progress on Diligence.  I got the ort container all stitched, cut out and whipped together.

I goofed a bit.  I put in the backstitching on the inside.  Had to take it out again and redo it.  It was supposed to be worked through both layers.  Anyway, It is done, all except for the ironing so that it folds the way it should.

Then I got the thread winder all done.  The wings were a bit challenging and I ended up trying again.  The first set raveled too much so I used some fray check around the edge of the second set and let it dry before I cut them out.  Much better.

Then I started the last bee, the one that goes on the end of the tape measure.  I got it all done and attached to the tape measure.  Wow.  I did it!

So the last thing I have to do with this project is the bee hive.  Then I will be done!
I've done my walking and have been to the Farmer's Market this morning.  The bills are paid.  Now I can get busy.


  1. Amy! Your finished pieces are gorgeous!! Especially the fuzzy bees! Congrats on your beautiful work!

  2. I love the ort container! And that fuzzy bee on the tape measure looks like he could walk across the table to help you pull the tape.

  3. This is too cute.
    You got that done fast!