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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 9

Today's Drawn Thread finish is Three Friends.
It was very challenging.  There was a lot of over one.  I was able to show this one to Cynthia who lamented that she no longer had the model for it.  It really is a very nice piece.

The color of the linen doesn't show up very well.  But that's okay as I like this color better!

I finished the stitching on Along the River James.  Yeah!!

I'm an idiot, volume 3.  I didn't read the directions before doing too much of the nun stitch on the secret pockets.  I have to pick some nun stitch out.  Now the process of putting it together.  I have to iron it and put in some interfacing.  I'm deciding how I want to finish it as I may make some changes.  The first thing is to put in the secret pockets and then the bargello ones over them.

I put in a few stitches in my bookmark.  I'm slowing down on this one.  But if I put a couple of threads in each day, it will get done.
For those interested in the Atalie chart from yesterday's post, it can be ordered here:

Winter, be gone!


  1. Another beautiful DT piece.
    Can't wait to see RJ all done up.
    Still liking that bookmark. :)

  2. Hello Amy! It is such great fun to watch the parade of Drawn Thread projects, to note that you now have 93 followers, to see how beautiful your River James turned out (almost typed River Joan! --Ha!) and last but not least -- to dream about our upcoming adventures! -BFF