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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 17

Today's finish is B My Valentine.  It is only half framed.  I got a frame for it and then used the frame for Claire's Birth Announcement.  So there it sits ready for me to do something with.  It was a fun stitch.  I should do something with it so I can hang it on the wall and enjoy it.

I put in the other bargello pocket on Along the River James.

Yeah! Making progress here.  Then I started stitching the center section together.  Some quilt template plastic is inserted.  I haven't used the quilt template plastic before so I am interested to see how it works inside this project.  I looked at the ribbon that goes around the outer edge.

I thought about bending it over the edge but that makes it too small.  So I'll do it similar to how the designer intended.  I don't like the corners.  I'll miter them.

I picked up the rose purse.  It has been waiting to be finished for a while.  I'm not that far away.  I bet if I worked on it all day I could finish it up.
I forgot to show you my Ladies Prim Society finish.  I didn't put the button on, I'm still thinking whether I want to or not.

I won't be posting tomorrow as I leave very early to drive across the state for a stitching class.

I'm still waiting for the Spring Casket Keepsakes kit.  I'm sure it will be here soon.


  1. Nice DT.
    River James is looking great.
    Love the PrimPocket

  2. Love getting to see River James come together, so beautiful. Prim pocket too sweet. Congrats on great finish. Have a safe & fun trip. love Annette