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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 21

Today's Drawn Thread finish is a Halloween bell pull.
I had an OH NO! moment yesterday.  I got an email that there was a mistake in the Amy Mitten floss key.  Two symbols were inadvertently switched.  I had one side all done!  Wrong!  What do I do???  Well, I'm just going to leave it.  Blue is my favorite color anyway.  I took out a few stitches on the other side and was able to stitch it correctly.
Wrong side:

Right side:
The colors here are all off!  The linen is green,  The thread in the needle is the exact same color green as the linen - not pink,
I got another letter stitched in the commission.  I bet you can guess the name now:

I'll have to see if DIL likes it or not.
Please may the weather warm up soon!

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