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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 11

Today's Drawn Thread finish is Generosity.  It is one of the first Drawn Thread charts that I stitched.  It is one of those charts that stitch up even prettier than the picture.  I made it into a bell pull.  I actually have at least a dozen bell pulls and used to display one a month.  But I'm afraid they are now in a drawer.

I got my first Ladies Prim Society kit from Dyeing to Stitch in the mail yesterday.  I just love this design and decided to sign up.  The paper I got says the next kit comes out in April.  I better get busy.  I started it but I have made some counting errors and have to pick out two colors already!

I stitched one of the March free charts from Atalie while watching "The Descendents" last night.

It is stitched dangerously close to the edge of the linen.  I hate to waste linen.  So I tend to stitch very close to the edge.

This linen was meant for the February chart which I stitched up in the corner so I could use the leftover linen for something else.  Will it be another pin cushion?  I don't know, maybe.

I have a new grand nephew, Austin.  Welcome to the world baby boy.
Great Aunt A


  1. So pretty.
    I think this is my most favorite design by DT.
    The Prim kit is nice, and your new wip is pretty also.

  2. Beautiful bell pull! You remind me of my sister who loves to stitch super close to the edge and asks me then to finish the piece as a pillow - LOL. I'm like where do I attach the fabric to linen?? Oh well I do know what you mean by not having as much waste. Your Atalie is very pretty. Great new Prim kit.
    love Annette