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Friday, March 28, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 23

Today's Drawn Thread finish is a bell pull.  I'm not fond of my finish.  I wish I had stitched this on a higher count.  It seems a bit clunky to me.  The folds indicate that this has been in a drawer for a long time.
I'm fond of delicate small sweet things.  This would be much sweeter on a higher count.  I'm sure I stitched it on 28.  For many years that is all I used.  Now my world has been expanded.  My most usual count has been upped to 32.  I've been know to be wild and crazy and do 40 on occasion.  I actually have a piece of 50 to try out.

A reader who is listed as "no reply" asked me about the chart I am using to stitch the commission.  It is a Danish chart that I bought on Ebay.  The letters are fairly quick to stitch and as I'm am particularly fond of flowers I like the design.

I finished the commission yesterday and have to decide how to finish it.

Frame or pillow is the question.  I'll have to check with DIL and see what she thinks.


  1. Well now that I have finely reset my password because there is a password needed everywhere I will type this again. :). I'm probably only the millionth person to ask you about your Just Nan Christmas Workshop pattern...I even contacted just nan herself with no here it goes...any chance you would be willing to trade or sell the pattern....? I been searching for a year...trying to stitch it off a picture..finding I need a pattern. Please reply.

  2. I have a blog...diary of a sampler lover if you are interested....

  3. Amy Amy....I'm jumping up and down....can you seeeee. How do we do this? Just Nan Christmas Workshop?

  4. Ugg.