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Friday, March 21, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 16

Today's finish I found sitting on my sewing table.  It was a freebie design.  I think you can still find it on Drawn Thread's website.

I like the interesting finish.

I didn't get my Spring Casket Keepsakes kit yesterday.  It just got out of customs and I think that it is in San Francisco. How long will it take to get halfway across the country?  The first four lessons were posted and I printed them out (at least 30 pages!).  So I'm ready when it gets here.  Please Mr. Mailman get it to me soon.
I saw a photo of September Morning, a class that Jackie DuPlessis is teaching at Williamsburg this year.  Oh is it ever neat!  I've never been to that particular retreat, Christmas in Williamsburg.  It is kind of expensive.  But seeing the classes to choose from, I am sorely tempted.  I've asked my BFF what she thinks as she is my partner in crime on these retreats.  Go to Just Cross Stitch's site and there are more photos.  The inside is way cool.
I put on one of the large bargello pockets on my Along the River James.  I realized that only one of the pockets is gusseted.  Now I have figured out a way to put on the second pocket.  It is very slow going but I think it will work out.

I put in two more windows on the castle Hampton Court.  I'll so more metal work today.

 Wouldn't it be great to get the castle all done?

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  1. You could alway gusset both pockets, there is enough linen for that and I think it might be easier!

    I, too, am very tempted by Jackie's class at Williamsburg and the class by