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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strawberry Thief Complete

I finished off the Strawberry Thief yesterday.  He is done on 32 count Wichelt Sandstone linen.  He turned out better than I expected.  While I was working on him I felt he was a little messy. I'm not used to the technique of outlining and then filling in with tent stitch. I used that technique when making the pin pad in Cabinet of Curiosities.  It was good to get even more experience with it.   Even with my goofs (using two blues that you can't even tell apart) it looks good.  He now needs to be finished off into some sort of ornament.

I started another cartouche on my Needleworker's Pocketbook.  It is a basket of flowers.  Again I am replacing the blah color with a very light coral.  I don't like the harsh navy blue so I'm going to use a sweeter blue for a couple of the flowers.  I used a different blue for the basket as well.  You are really supposed to do all the outsides of the octagons and the eyelet stitches first but I can't resist the fun part of filling in octagons as I go across.

We've had a couple of gorgeous days here.  This is really the best time of year.  I've been thinking (dangerous) that I should sort through some stuff in my sewing room.  There are some things I can't find.  They are probably in one of the piles.  I need an organizer to put everything away somewhere.  But then I wouldn't be able to find it either.  Such is life.


  1. Amy, your bird turned out really pretty. That method is similar to my Hornbook Bestiary Sampler. Lots of filling in with tent stitch. It turned out really nice. I can't wait to see the pocketbook too.

  2. Outlining and then filling with tent stitch is hard on the eyes isn't it? You must have good magnifiers. Needleworkers Pocketbook looks lovely

  3. Great finish.
    I know what you mean about finding things. lol