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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nine In, Nine Out

I was a bit discouraged yesterday as I put in nine eyelets in the next row of Needleworker's Pocketbook then discovered they were one lousy thread over too far.  Rats.  So I picked them out and tried again.  I finally got it right and finished the row.  It doesn't look like I got much done but that's the way is goes sometimes.

So now I ready to put some time in the next row which is acorns (and snowflakes?).
I read yesterday that there is pre-stitching for the class I'm signed up for in August.  I worry about stuff and I am worried about how I will get there (Bath, Ohio) and where will I stay and do I have to rent a car.  The thought of pre-stitching makes it better.

Snow peas are finally available at the Farmer's Market and the first of the strawberries.  I'm trying to steer clear of the dough  balls (for chocolate cookies) and other bad stuff.  There was a huge cinnamon roll iced with cream cheese frosting on one table.  Boy did that look yummy.  But I resisted!  I'm trying to exercise intestinal fortitude whatever that is.


  1. Beautiful work!!! I am avoiding bad food. Trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is so hard when I love sweets so much!

  2. Looking good!
    Same here, trying to eat healthier too.
    The Farmer's Markets don't have much more than flowers yet here, it was a late Spring.