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Friday, June 21, 2013

Scales not Fins

Okay so DH corrected me.  What I'm working on is the scales (according to Amy Mitten) not the fins of Mermaid's Treasures.  There are a total of fifteen but I only got two done yesterday.  Of course the first one is the hardest (and messiest) and they get easier after that.  My second one looks way better than the first.  There are five scales in each of three different colors.  So today my goal is to get the Venom color ones done.  That's only three more so it shouldn't be hard.  I love the metallic wrapped thread that is the base of the scale.  It sparkles.

I got half of the verse done on Needleworker's Pocketbook.  I want to get the other half done today and move on to the next band which I think is a strawberry band.

Then I put just a few stitches into the second fan of  Lady's Collection.  Going over one is slow but it is interesting to see it develop.  Although I'm worried about this girl.  She needs eyes.  Maybe French knots are added later.

I went to the grocery store today in search of frozen yogurt.  It's the first day of summer and expected to be rather hot.  I saw commercials on TV for frozen Greek yogurt so I had to check it out.  I came home with three different kinds to try out.

I got the information for Inspired Needle's retreat in October.  I read about it on Lisa's blog (The Inspired Stitcher) and wanted to be aware of it in case I could go this year.  I'm already going to a big retreat in October and another big one in November.  So I don't know if I'll make this one.  It doesn't have a well-known teacher.   It sounds like it is more of a "get together and stitch" kind of retreat.  I'll have to think about it.  It is within driving distance and that's a plus.

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