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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting to the End

I am almost done with the pastoral scene on Needleworker's Pocketbook.  This is the hardest band.  I'm sure I can finish it up today and get started on the next band.  The next bands are the same as the inside pocket so I know they will go fine.  Making good progress on this one.

I put in the backstitching on the mermaid face.  I winged it instead of depending on the stitches on the back to guide me.  I can now give her blue eyes and a pink mouth - crossing my fingers that they will look okay.  She looks a bit like the Mona Lisa.  Next, the hair.

We got photos of the finished trinket box in Cabinet of Curiosities.  Very interesting to see it all put together. I'm already thinking how I am going to change it.  I want to stitch the bunny top but I want to change the colors and the sides and the techniques and the threads.

I got the latest Just Cross Stitch magazine yesterday.  Sometimes I wonder why I have a subscription as I never stitch anything from it.  But it is fun to look through it.  Marie Barber doesn't look anything like I imagined her.  I thought she would have gray hair and be older.  Don't tell her that.

The peonies are blooming.  They always get washed away by rain.  It happens every year.  And yes, we are expecting storms later today.

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