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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six Down, Nine to Go

I have made six scales so far.  My goal for today is the finish the other four scales in the "Fugitive" color.  I've got an assembly line going.  Punch the holes, baste the thread, couch the metal thread and they are ready for the detached buttonhole.  I seem to have a problem trimming the threads.

I finished the verse on the Needleworker's Pocketbook.  I'm half way done with the strawberry row.  I really am getting to the end of this.  I think I have another eyelet row before I get to the cartouches.  Not too much more and I will have this done and be ready for the finishing directions.

I got my order from the Attic yesterday.  I got all the stuff to do the M. Woods sampler:  the chart, the linen, and the silk thread.  But I don't like the linen color.  I'll have to go stash diving and see what I have instead.  I don't have very much 36 count linen.  I want more of an ivory color.  I think the silk colors will look much better on a lighter color linen.

Then I got a needleroll pattern from Italy (I think).

 I have to find the floss for it.  It would be so much easier to just go to the store and just buy the floss.  I actually would prefer silks, but it would be a hassle to figure out the equivalents.  I need an assistant to do all the dirty work for me.


  1. Great progress on both.
    Great stash also!
    Love the needleroll, so pretty, and M. Woods.
    Can't wait to see how fast you stitch that one up. :)

  2. Greatest progress!
    You are a fantastic stitcher, and quick:)
    I am so impressed with your progress on Amy Mittens projects. Very interesting to see all different stitches and combinations with the different threads.
    Absolutely in love with the sampler M.Wood, have not seen that before.
    And the rose needleroll is heaven! It is very Berlin-wool-work style.
    Anette & Skruttan