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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Art Fair

I went to the art fair this morning. That means I skipped exercise class altogether.  I still got a bunch of steps in walking around downtown.  This day is a little sad for me.  Many years ago, I would get together with friends Terri and Barb and we would hit the art fairs.  What fun we had!  So much laughing.  But time passes, kids grow up, friends move away and retire.  You lose touch.  Terri got her doctorate and moved out East.  Barb is somewhere with her retired DH in a camper.  Me, I'm just stitching away trying to mind my own business and stay out of trouble.

Talk about trouble.  I worked on Mermaid's Treasures by stitching around the mermaid body.  It is harder than it looks.  I am comforted that half of her will be hidden under gills.  The real trick will be to buttonhole stitch all around the body.  So I know it looks a little weird right now.  It will look better.  Everybody looks better with a face and lots of curly hair.  That's my problem, my hair is straight as a stick.

Anyway. I got the top two bands of the Needleworker's Pocketbook done.  Yeah!  I started the landscape. I changed the first basket of flowers to match my second one.  I'm happy with that band.
The peonies outside my front door are ready to pop open.  It is a glorious day.

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