Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yesterday we were at Barnes & Noble and I peeked into the book "The 17 Day Diet". I found a height/weight chart. For my height I should weigh 110 pounds if I have a medium frame. Ha! It's been at least 40 years since I weighted that much. I'd have to stop eating for three years to get to that weight. Kind of depressing. But on the positive side - it is a goal. Ridiculously low, unachievable, in my dreams, but it is a goal. I would actually be very happy to lose 10 pounds. I just say that I take after my dad. When I went to Celebrations I was dismayed at the general body type of the attendees. I snapped this photo in the lobby of the hotel where everybody was sitting around stitching. It was so crazy to see a lobby full of people stitching. This picture reminds me that I always want to be able to fit into one chair and not hang over!
I worked on the Just Nan humbug and it is coming along nicely. I might even be able to finish it today.
I was very good today. I went to pilates. I haven't been since before Christmas. I kept making excuses. Then last week I told DH that I was going to go "next week". Well, it is next week, and to keep my word, I went. She did some different stuff today and it was challenging but not impossible. I was glad I went but I will be sore tomorrow. It is cold today. 24 degrees. Winter coat weather. But there is no snow. Yeah!
Going to go do some stitching...

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