Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plugging Away

Christmas Workshop is coming along nicely. Almost two outsides done and the other two half way done. I haven't gotten anything done today as I was shopping. My goal actually was to get some gift cards for DIL's birthday. But since I never go to the mall, I thought I would look around. I wear exercise pants and a ratty shirt most of the time but I have three trips coming up and I need to throw out the old and have some new stuff to look nice in. I also looked for a dress/suit/something for my nephew Alex's wedding. I saw a couple of things that would do but I was not in a trying on mood. Actually I am never in a trying-on mood. I stopped by Christopher & Banks. I found some stuff (tops) that I liked. Everything was 40% off! So I got some more! I spent a gift card to Kohl's that we got for Christmas. I got a bathroom scale. Ours broke a while back. It is just too easy to ignore or not even know how much I weigh. Now I have no excuse. Although, if I went by how tight clothes feel, I would know I am in deep trouble.
We are going out tonight. Meeting friends at an Irish place for corned beef and cabbage. Well, I'm not actually going to eat that crap, I'll get something else. Like a rootbeer float or artichoke dip. Yum.

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