Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Projects

I finished "Leda". She is very simple and I will order a frame today since I don't think I it will fit a standard size. I didn't tell anyone I was making it so maybe it will be a surprise. I was scrounging around for something to start last night when I just grabbed a Just Nan chart that I had kitted up a while back. It is a small Santa. I have this great little lunch box style bag that I ordered from Australia. It has several sections and zippered pages that make it a great place for storing small kitted up projects. I kitted up about 3 or 4 projects in it when I went on a trip so I could choose one I felt like working on. I saw somebody with one of these bags at Celebrations last year and tracked down a place to buy it. It is perfect for the Round Robins night and the Make-It Take-Its. It is made by "Yazzi".
The sun came out today. I was trying to decide whether to spend and hour looking for threads or whether to stop by Jo-Ann's and just buy what I needed for two more projects. I went to Jo-Ann's. Now I have two Just Nan Humbugs I can work on.
Have a great day!

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