Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Elves Down Six to Go

I worked on the outsides of the Christmas Workshop. I have one side almost all done. I just have to do the over-one hearts and beads. Notice how the color of the elves' clothing varies. I am a nincompoop! I misread the color key and each elf is dressed in slightly different colors. One is correct and one is not. Am I going to change it? Nope!

I looked closely at the Tea Time Basket. It is a very complex chart involving several pages for each side. You would really need to concentrate on it. Casually picking it up and doing a few stitches is just not an option. So I will wait on that. A friend of mine's daughter had a baby girl and I am thinking of stitching her name, Leda. I stitched her older brother's name when he was born. But I want to use a different alphabet. I am thinking of using Prairie Schooler's Animal Alphabet. I think it would look cute. Llama, elephant, deer, alligator.
It is a lovely day. When I came out of the Y, the sun was shining and it was warm.
I saw the completed version of Cherished Stitches Ruby Red Slipper. It is a good thing I like it as I have already signed up for it!


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