Friday, March 4, 2011

Thirty Nine

Today is a special day. It is my 39th wedding anniversary. I can't believe I am that old -old enough to have been married 39 years. Or as DH says, it seems like a hundred! In a way it does seem like forever.
I got the Poppy biscornu sewn together yesterday. I think it looks good enough around the edge that I am not even going to put twisted cord on it. I was ferreting around in my laundry basket full of projects for something to work on. I happened to pull out the second Gay Ann Rogers' heart. Of course, I didn't have the called for threads. So I made do. I wanted to see how an overdyed Wildflowers thread looked and it is okay. It is really supposed to be a plain lavender color. I did the basting on this sucker three times and it still isn't right. Close enough!
Eddy is so very close to being all beaded. I tend to work on him just when I have daylight.
I saw a recipe on the web yesterday for cracked, dry hands. It is made of four ingredients. So I bought the four ingredients and I am going to make like a pharmacist and stir up the concoction. It is aloe, baby lotion, Vitamin E creme (expensive!) and petroleum jelly. All things that are good for hands, so mixed together they should be fine.
I want to finish Butterfly Garden. Two pockets left to go. Well, first I have to find the bag with the threads in it.

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