Monday, March 21, 2011

To The Point

It's Monday! My bathrooms are clean! Finishing takes soooo long. I worked on putting the Christmas Workshop together all day yesterday. I think it is looking great. I was missing some charms so I looked in my stash to find some that would look good. I have three packets of charms to go on Shepherd's Bush stockings. I just like the charms and have no intention of stitching the stockings. There is a Christmas tree pin cushion that I haven't made yet that goes in the middle of the base. That will really top things off. I didn't get started on "Leda" yet. I have to kit it up which means find the threads I need and some nice fabric to stitch it on.
I have two things to send off. DIL's birthday present and "In Treatment". I sold "In Treatment" on ebay but am waiting to be paid before I send it off. I bid on season 1 but didn't win.
I have to scrounge around for a fun project for Halona.
Guilty Pleasure: Dancing with the Stars starts tonight!

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