Monday, March 14, 2011

Nan & Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Just Nan. Mostly love. The first thing of hers I stitched was a Christmas ornament. It drove me crazy! I had to change threads every two seconds. I thought, I'm gonna think twice before I stitch another thing of hers. But it got better. I made her limited edition dragonfly scissors case - five times! I found a source for the dragonfly charms and stitched them as Christmas gifts (before we decided on just giving gift cards). And I got some very nice Gingher scissors for each one. You get used to how certain designers work. I know that Just Nan sometimes uses colors that are too bright for me. I know that she changes colors often. I know she favors certain colors. I love her Queen of the Needle stuff. I like that there are hard to get exclusive designs. My favorite design of hers is the "And Many More" needle case. Darling! I have at least 4 of her designs queued up to be stitched besides Christmas Workshop. I want some of her new market designs as well. I also have at least three designs of hers in various stages of being finished.
It is Monday and my bathrooms are clean. I have a long history with Lysol. I first used it when I was a high school helper at Little Galilee Christian Assembly Camp. (Great way to get away from home in the summer - but that's hole nuther story). I had to clean cement block bathrooms with it. It came in a brown bottle that we squirted all over and then hosed down. I have used it for many years (decades actually). But now it comes in a splat bottle. Each time you spray it, it splats all over everywhere. Who designed that bottle? Somebody fresh out of design school, I bet. Some whippersnapper.

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