Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ta Dah 2

I finished the Butterfly Garden! Well, except for a ring and ribbon to attach scissors. I was thrilled when the cover fit the inside. I counted correctly or just got lucky. I changed a few things along the way. Left out a few things. I'm not one for basting (waste of time and energy). Also, interfacing before stitching just makes it harder to stitch. It was a challenging project that I got for Christmas. Finishing something means I can start something new which is always fun. Or it could mean I pick up a UFO and work on that. I have only the last episode left to watch of In Treatment.
There is snow dancing in the air outside my window. Luckily it is warm enough that it is not sticking but melting when it hits the ground. I am waiting to see which class is the first to be full at Celebrations. I'm thinking it might be a Jackie DuPlessis class. The limit for Glastonbury Garden is a mere 16 so it might fill up fast too.
I cooked the beads and they are hard now. I didn't burn them and the white clay didn't turn color so we are good to go.
Here is a "before" picture to my BJ Strawberry. I like to look at the blog called "The Unbroken Thread". The lady does crewel projects and inspires me to get back to this and finish it. I don't think it will take more than a week to finish. We'll see.

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