Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday I ordered 3 frames. Mainly I wanted a frame for "Leda" and ordered the other two to avoid shipping costs. I got an email that the frame for "Leda" was out of stock. Good grief. So I picked another frame. I just want white. They didn't have any other just white ones unless I went to metal. So I went to metal. I really like the Little House Needlework frames. Old, weathered white with a little doo-hickey on the corners. Oh well, whatever.
Generally, I don't like working over one. But I did it all day yesterday and it wasn't bad. I am making a box and I got most of one side done. I am changing some things (colors and stitches) along the way.
I also worked on Tea Time Basket. It is very slow going. I have to say it again, Pearsall's silk sucks. This would be much easier and faster with regular floss and a slight change in the design. It seems like the designer (Barbara Jackson) made it more difficult than it needed to be. Maybe she was using techniques and styles from an old sampler. But if I work on it a little a day, maybe I can finish it before I croak. Either that or I will get fed up and throw it away or cut it up into small pieces and burn them. Just joking.
Spring Break has started for the schools around here. The kids outside my window are torturing a tree. I intend to do something more constructive than that.

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  1. Hello! I found your blog googling Barbara Jackson Tea Time Basket. Just started stitching again 18 months ago. And of course I missed this class when it was offered. If you have finished the pattern would you consider selling it? Or lending it? I have quite a few OOP patterns if you like to barter. Thank you! Vanessa Grimmett