Friday, March 25, 2011

Confessions Friday

I feel like I should designate one day a week on this blog to confessions. Friday seems like a good day. The week is mostly gone and I am more aware of the errors of my ways. Well, my confession today is that I stopped at this store after exercise class. I had been thinking of this store for a while. I was looking for chocolate covered candied orange peel. So my choices of places to get this are limited. It was between this store and Fannie May. Fannie May was farther away. So I gave in to my hankering for orange peel that just happens to be covered in chocolate. Have to hide it away before DH gets home. Why? I don't know. He is well aware of my short comings.
I decided to get a white frame for "Leda". My urge is to order more than just one frame so I will look around to see if I have anything else that needs framing. Another confession: I have a whole drawer full of stitching that needs to be made into something.
I finished the little Just Nan Ladybug Santa. Fun stitch! He would look cute in a small square frame. Then I started Just Nan's latest humbug. It is supposed to be done on a pastel color linen but I just picked up my favorite natural Pearl Linen. It has such a soft feel to it. I think it mutes the colors a bit. I am happy with how it is going.
March is going so fast! April next week. Wow.

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