Monday, March 7, 2011


We are back to a Monday again. My bathrooms are clean so I am on to other stuff. I have to find a fun thing to do with Halona. Two weeks ago I took my collection of tops. I have about 8 different ones. If you spin one of them just right it will turn upside down and keep spinning. That is always the most fun one. I got the idea from Montessori school as they have a work there of tops to spin on a tray. It was very popular. I just didn't know if a fourth grader would enjoy that. She wanted to keep a couple of the tops. Then last week we made a card for her sister's birthday based on the flowers in the Plant a Rainbow book. That was fun. I have some clay and I thought it would be fun to try and make beads. The clay is old and you have to make it warm and pliable to be able to work with it. We'll see.
I made the lining for Eddy and it is half sewn in. He has a lower lip. But - the thread broke and I am going to have to stitch it again. The lining (made of ultrasuede) is actually too big for the fish and won't lay flat inside Eddy. But I think that is okay as he will look stuffed instead of concave. I tried putting a little bit of stuffing in him but didn't like how it looked. He is supposed to hold scissors anyway. I decided that I didn't want to do 36 loops for his tail and right now he has 18.
I worked on the butterfly pocket for the Butterfly Garden. It is over one. Of course, I got off a thread here and there so I am having to match my "offness" on the other butterfly wing. If I can't do that, then I'll have to stitch it all over again. ARGH. I am messing with Dragonfly Box. I don't like the color of the greenery with the new color of the dragonflies. So I'm thinking of changing it. I finished a whole disc of In Treatment. Only two left to go and I will put it back on ebay.
It is a sunny day and most of the snow we got the other day is melted. Less than two weeks until spring.

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