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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Stitching Circle

I got the Silver Needle With a Little Help from Our Friends Stitching Circle kit in the mail yesterday.  It is a drum (if you want to make it that way, you don't have to) designed by Sam Sarah.
I love that everything is included.  I especially love that there are some jelly bellies in the box,  I don't have any photos of those as they were eaten immediately! 

Peoria Purple linen, chenille for the trim, wools for the top and bottom and all the threads.  There were some great pins included too.
One square inch of the red scissors fob got stitched.  Maybe if I get one square stitched each day it will be done by next Sunday.
Happy Sunday!


  1. OMG that is so stinkin' cute! Would love to see you create videos for FlossTube.

  2. That looks like a fun kit for a drum.
    The fob is looking good.

  3. Received mine also... Can't wait to make the drum. Just finished having a class at Cross stitch Pals with Beth from Summer house stitche works... we completed our first drum roll pynkeep in her class. She was an awesome teacher... Enjoy stitch... it is adorable.

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