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Monday, October 30, 2017

Peacock One

It is Monday and the bathrooms are clean.  The walking is done.  It was cold and blustery today and I didn't see anybody on the trail. 

This is how far I am on the Sassenach Sampler.
I finally got the first peacock in. 
I changed the colors a little.  I wanted to work my way up to the slope that the house sits on.
I love the design of this sampler but it sure would be nice to have a complete chart.  It is really hard to know if you are in the right place.  It is really hard to match the pieces of the chart together.  I admit I was a bit angry that the slope was not completely charted.  "Just continue the pattern" is not good enough, we should have a chart of the whole slope.  There should be a master chart of the whole sampler.  I have no idea of how many more strawberries I need to stitch for the border.  But enough complaining.

Things I am grateful for today:  I can still walk outside.  I am alive and able to stitch (and I happen to have enough stuff to stitch forever).  I can get down on the floor and get up again without help.  I am warm and dry and have electricity.  I have kind friends.  Oh, I wanted tell you about my friend Kim.  She is making FlossTube videos under the name Stone House Stitcher. 


  1. I love that peacock and wavy part in the wide border. I really would be unhappy with at chart that said just continue the pattern. I agree that a master chart would be great.

  2. Amy, you often say what I’m thinking! Full charts and photos are vitally important. I finished knitting a shawl this weekend; would have finished it months ago but there’s a repeated omission/mistake in the pattern and no photo. As a result, I knitted way past the error before realizing it and had to take out about a third of the shawl. Grrr.
    Your blog is on my thankful list, even though you do get me into spending situations. That’s not reeaallly a bad thing. ��

  3. How can I find out when and where Lauren is teaching? Especially this sampler. I have loved following your posts on her various projects. Lindylou 1023 @ Gmail.Com

  4. What a glorious design! Love seeing your progress on this one.

  5. This is a gorgeous Sampler!

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