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Monday, October 9, 2017


I didn't blog yesterday.  Things just got away from me.  I couldn't find what I wanted to show you anyway.  In the course of the day, I found it.  It had fallen into a bag and I happened to go through the bag and find it.  It's a miracle of sorts.
I finished-finished the Nancy's Accessories strawberry from Erica Micheal.  I kind of made up the top and added a bead that happened to be handy (from a Stitchy Box).  I like how it turned out.

I am getting ready for my last class of the year.  It is a class with Sue Spargo that isn't too far from here.  BFF#2 and I can drive up for the two day class.  We are supposed to do some pre-stitching.  I wasn't sure about what to do so I reread the directions and tried to do what it said. 

Hand stitching takes so long, I procrastinate doing it.  But I made myself start.  It looks kind of weird at the moment.  I think it will be very cool when I'm done.

The walking is done.  The bathrooms are clean and I'm going shopping.  I have to test out a new credit card that came in the mail.

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  1. Pretty Strawberry.
    Have fun with your new card. :)