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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Peace Love and Little Donuts

I checked out the new donut place yesterday.  Just for scientific evaluation, of course, I got a dozen donuts.  I have to give them a big thumbs up.  I got six different flavors. (mocha macchiato, Andes candies, strawberry cheesecake, banana crunch, lemon blueberry, banana split.)  They are made fresh and iced as you order what you want.  Yes, they are expensive, but, wow, are they good!  When you get them they are warm.  See the lid of the box is all steamed up?

I got a book in the mail.  It is Mary Corbet's fault.  She mentioned the exhibit and book on May Morris. daughter of William Morris.  I am a fan.  I ordered the book from Book Depository.  It is in the UK but they have free shipping (How can they do that?).  The book was a good price for a large hard cover.  It covers May's life and all of her crafts.  Who knew she made jewelry? 

The book gave me some ideas for the design of one of my caskets. 

My walking is done.  There is no Farmer's Market.  Rats.  I'm hoping to complete the page I've been working on the BAP Mystery project.  Next week daylight savings time begins.  It will be good to start out walking when it is light out.