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Friday, October 27, 2017

A Small Finish

I got the little red scissors fob all stitched and yesterday I put it together.


Now I have a set.

There is a rumor that a new mini donut place has opened.  I want to go check it out today.  BFF#2 told me about it and said it is similar to the Fractured Prune.   I'll have to try that out.  I hear that the strawberry cheesecake donut is to die for.

I got my Amy Mitten Darning Sampler kit. 

It has beautiful colors of interesting thread that I think is similar to #12 pearl cotton but it is silk.

  Her projects are always challenging but with great directions.  I can't wait to start it.

I got my walking in before the rain.  It is a nice day to settle in and stitch.


  1. Love your scissor fob. Now I am looking forward to my Dutch darning kit arriving.

  2. Cute fob.
    That kit looks like a great stitch.

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