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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Indy Trip Day 2

After a whirlwind of activity on Friday, we settled down for our first class on Saturday.  Lauren Sauer was the designer and the the project was The Sassenach Sampler. Lauren designed it with the Outlander series in mind.

 I loved the design from the first time I saw it partially finished.  I am so lucky to get to make it.  You know I love the first moment in class when a brand new complete kit is sitting in front of me.

 But look, everyone has a name tag and candy!  When you put peanuts and candy corn together in a bag it tastes like a Payday bar.  Yum.  This is the way to my heart.
This was a great class as we didn't have to baste!  I hate basting.  So we started out on the border.  Once we got a little way along the border we were close enough to start some of the bands.  I usually don't get very much done in class.  But I made pretty good progress.  It was amazing to see how far Chris got.  She is a turbo stitcher.  I wanted to get to fun parts like the strawberries and the rose.
This is how far I got:

The day went by so fast.  A bunch of us went out to eat at Aspen Grill.  Boy is that a popular restaurant, especially on a Saturday night. 
What a fun day!


  1. What a fantastic sampler! You really did get a great start.

  2. It's a beautiful Sampler.
    Great progress!
    Yes, peanuts & candy corn are an addition. ;)

  3. I love Lauren's designs! The Scottish sampler is beautiful.

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