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Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Card

We got a new credit card in the mail.  So my job was to go test it out and see if it worked.  Boy, did I test it out!  I was going to go to Talbots but I was 8 minutes early, they don't open until 10.  So I walked around a bit waiting for 10:00.  Right next door to Talbots was a J Jill.  I had gotten their catalog and liked a couple of things in it but I don't usually shop there.  The clothes they have look very good on tall people.  I'm not at all tall.  They happened to put out their sale sign at 9:57.  So when I saw that the door was open, I went to J Jill.  I was happy to find they had a petite section.  I even tried some clothes on and I hate to try on clothes.  I came home with two tops, a pair of pants, a blouse, a dress and a necklace.  Yes, my credit card works very well.  They had a special deal where if you take in some gently used clothing which they donate to charity, you get 30% off a full price item.  Even better!  The lady that waited on me was very nice too.  So no stitching got done this morning.

This is where I am on the Sassenach Sampler.

 Beautiful design and beautiful colors.  There are a few errors in the chart but it is going well.  I'm almost ready to start the next section above what I have stitched.  I hope to stitch some acorns and a peacock.  We'll see how far I get today. 

I got the rest of my pre-stitching done for this weekend's class.  Yeah!  I really hope I get to sew on the alligator.


  1. Your choices are always intriguing. And knock off socks gorgeous.

  2. Glad your card works well. ;)
    Great project.

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