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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Williamsburg Day Two

Two things I forgot to tell you yesterday.  Our first day in Williamsburg it was 77 degrees.  Wonderfully warm.  No coat was needed.  Loved it.  My roommate arrived late that first night.  It was too bad because she was the one who suggested we go to the French restaurant but didn't arrive early enough to go.  This was our building:
The resort was great because there are lots of places to walk.  I was very proud of getting my steps in every day.  My roommate walked with me so that was nice too.  I usually walk alone when I am home.
We are so excited because the retreat actually starts today.  I have an Early Bird Class this afternoon.  Then the Boutique opens after that.  BFF and I get breakfast at McDonald's as it isn't provided today.  We check in and get our information packet and name tag.  It is so nice to see lots of people I know.  I can't show you my projects as both teachers I have classes with have asked me not to post photos of their designs on my blog.

 I love that moment when we get our kit in class.  But often several parts of the kit are passed out piecemeal.  Once in a while parts are missing until the next day.  There wasn't any stitching going on in class.  We were just listening to talk about the directions. We made a small bow thing that will go on top of a scissors fob.
Everybody gets so excited about the boutique.  People start lining up way before it opens.

  I think BFF was first in line!  I enjoyed seeing all the stuff in the Boutique.

There was a kit to go with our main class that I bought along with a Fair Charlotte doll and some floss.  I was good and didn't spend that much.
My roommate was getting hungry so we went over to one of the restaurants and got a snack.  Warm crab dip and this dessert.  I love that my roommate likes to have dessert as much as I do.
It was delicious by the way. 
We had the banquet that night. 

 At each seat was a small gift of candy.  I love it!  BFF#2 told me not to eat my candy before the meal.  However, I did have a piece or two.
There were lots of prizes given away (donated by vendors).  I won a kit that I didn't want.  Everybody got a little pocket kit designed by one of our teachers.  It was nice.  Then it was time for the speaker.  She was very good and entertaining and I learned some things.  But everybody was tired and ready for the banquet to be over.
It was another busy fun day.
This is the view from our room.  You can just see the James River.
Main classes start tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like a great place to stay.
    Can't wait to see your projects.