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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowing Again

We are getting more snow!  Over 30 inches so far this winter.  I just got back from walking at the Y.  It is very cold too.  It looks beautiful outside.  That's the most positive thing I could say.

I didn't show you all the stuff I got in the mail.  These are the other charts I got.
I like these little block pin cushions.
The charm of the With Thy Needle and Thread charts gets to me.  But I have yet to finish one!
I got the little squirrel too.
I am a sucker for Just Nan mice.  And of course, I had to get the little cube too.

I like the monthly flowers that fit into a little tin.  I have like three of these and have not made any - yet.  I wonder if that dark linen is hard to stitch on.
One week until Christmas!  I love all the stuff I have ordered for myself!  Can wait to open my presents.


  1. I do love those blocks. Never attempted one and probably never will. Have not seen the Christmas Bird - love it.

  2. Great choices.
    Love the Squirrel.
    It's very cold cold and snowy here also.

  3. Love that you've ordered your presents, lol! My DH appreciates that I get mine as well!