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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Williamsburg Day Five

It is the last day of the retreat today.  My roommate and I go walking in the morning.  It sure helps to have someone to walk with.  Since I got back to the room late last night, I thought about skipping the walking this morning.  But I didn't.
We got our last gift today.  It is a thread minder.
In my morning class we get another little gift.  It is a trade card that you cut out and put together.  Another thing to put into our box when we get it all finished.  I get a chance to install the magnet in the clasp for the box.  We talk about all the finishing and the teacher shows us some nifty finishing gadgets that will help us.  I make a mental note to get them.
I went over to BFF#2's condo for lunch to eat some of my leftover pizza.  They have peanut M & M's and various other snacks.  My kind of girls.

The afternoon class goes much better today.  The teacher has made an effort to explain the finishing in a clearer way.  I think I get it now.  I really just want to stitch on my morning class project though.

Every year the resort has a fantastic gingerbread creation in their lobby.  This year it is a village.  It is so well done that you wouldn't believe that it is made of gingerbread.

The boutique closed at noon.  The classes are over at six. Lots of people are going over to Williamsburg to see the Illumination which is fireworks over the Governor's Palace.  Not me, I don't like crowds.  It is too late for flying out so many people are staying until Monday morning.  Several of us decide to eat at a restaurant at the resort.  It has good food and I can get salmon (and dessert!).
We go back to our rooms after dinner and try to organize our suitcases and see if everything will fit.  It seems like the retreat is over so fast.  It sure was fun.  I loved seeing my BFFs and other friends.  My friend Torrie gave me a gift to send on to Claire.  How thoughtful!  I know Claire will like it as it involves Elsa.  In one of my classes I met three ladies from England who have taken the Wren class from Jenny Adin-Christie.  They showed me pictures of their wren and answered some questions that I had.  I don't plan on coming to Williamsburg next year so it was a little bittersweet when the retreat was all over.  Home tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time.
    That Gingerbread Village looks awesome.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.