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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Williamsburg Day One

DH took me off to the airport early in the morning.  Flights were uneventful (thank goodness!).  I got to Richmond airport about noon.  BFF and two friends picked me up at the airport.  This is what four women in an SUV look like:
Poor BFF could not see out her back window.  And there were three bags in the back seat!  We were all very excited about the retreat.  What to do first?  Of course we had to drive to Williamsburg which is about an hour away.  Then we had to decide, Resort or Haus Tirol, the needlework store.  Of course the needlework store won.  We thought maybe we would get there before the crowd but we met several people we knew in the store.  So fun to shop for stitching stuff and see if they had anything nifty.  I didn't get very much, I tried to control myself.  This is what I got:
 They had the Erica Michaels strawberries all made up and they were darling.  Who doesn't need a bit a fabric?
 They also had some Weeks Pearl Cotton on a spool.  I thought I would try some.  There was another kind of Weeks that was two strands.  Have to try that too.
Who doesn't love a Barbara Jackson strawberry?  Love it.
After the needlework store we went to check in at the resort.  We were early and our rooms weren't ready but we got to leave our luggage there.  The best part is they promised to deliver our suitcases to our rooms.  I'm so glad, there are steps and it is a hassle.  I'm so glad they are taking care of the suitcases.
It is time to go to the DeWitt Wallace Museum where we are scheduled for a tour of needlework stuff.  I'm worried that we won't have enough people.  We are supposed to have at least 10 for the tour.  A couple of people didn't show up.  But we invited some others that we ran into at the resort.  I shouldn't have been so worried.  It all worked out fine.  All the drawers below the exhibit of Southern Textiles were open so we could see.  Fantastic!

 We could take pictures too. This was one of my favorites:

 It was really great to see all the samplers and other stitching.  I loved it.  The DeWitt has a gift shop too.  It was fun to shop there.  I was tempted but didn't buy anything.

Then I went off with BFF#2 and two other friends.  We had an errand to run and then we had reservations at a French restaurant.  I went to this restaurant twice before and it is fabulous.  We were met at the restaurant by Grace (who wishes to be known as the English BFF) and Linda.  So six of us had a blast and a very good meal at Le Yaca.  Yes, of course, I had dessert.  Three kinds of gelato.  Yum.  I forgot to take pictures.

It was a great first day at Williamsburg.


  1. There are elevators in the resort - used them back in May. Mostly all in the corners, near the stairs.

  2. Sounds like you had a great 1st day.

  3. I love seeing blog posts about the Williamsburg retreat! It's my dream retreat, but the price tag is out of my range. So it's wonderful to get to see things from others there. Thank you so much for sharing!!