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Monday, December 12, 2016

Williamsburg Day Six

The retreat is all over but we have to get back home which will take a long time.  My roommate and I go walking for just a little bit.  She checks out of the resort and then checks Uber.  She took Uber to the resort from the Richmond airport and it worked out great.  Uh-oh.  Uber drivers don't get up early.  None are in the area.  What do we do?  I ask a few people in the lobby if they are going to the Richmond airport.  No luck.  Well, we have to call BFF.  She offered to take my roommate to the airport a few days ago.  Now we will have to take her up on it.  Poor BFF, we get her out of bed.  I'm riding along to keep BFF company on the way back.  I am in charge of Matilda, my GPS.  We were afraid traffic would be bad at this time of day but it wasn't awful.  We actually had a good time.   Driving back to the resort was fine until we turned too early.  How can you get lost when you are using a GPS?  Well, for me it is easy.  We made it back.  There are four of us that are leaving on flights around 6 p.m.  So we have all day to kill.  First up, breakfast at McDonald's/  This is the first time for Linda at Williamsburg so she wants to see a few of the old buildings.  She gets to see the Governor's Palace.  Two of our party want to shop at the Brighton outlet store.  Ugh, not me.  So we drop them off and try to find the French Bakery that had the macarons last year.  We find it but it is closed, gone, kaput.  Next to the former bakery is a rock store.  We ask the lady in the rock store about the bakery.  It closed months ago.  BFF loves rocks and finds a couple to buy.  We go back and pick up the Brighton shoppers.  Now what do we do?  Well, how about we try to find a JoAnn's or a Michael's to buy the handy gadgets suggested by one of our teachers?  We find a nifty little shopping center that has a JoAnn's and I find a permanent glue stick.  Cool.  Then there is a bead store across the way.  Fun to look around there.  Then there is a Michael's there too.  No luck finding what we are looking for.  Oh well.  Then we decide that it is time for lunch.  We go back and have lunch at the Cheese Shop by Williamsburg.  Oh, the candy store is right next door.  Some Jelly Bellies will be a nice snack on the plane.  After lunch we decide to drive to the Richmond  airport.  Good-bye Williamsburg.
We get to the airport about 4 p.m.  Plenty of time to turn in the rental car, check our baggage and make our way to the gates.  I get on my plane and am ready to take off when we find out that a cable has broken in the baggage compartment.  Can we fly with it like that?  Nope.  So we get off the plane, wait around a little while they unload our luggane and load it on another plane.  This time we are fine but we are a bit behind schedule.  Luckily, I have a long layover in Detroit and it won't affect my connection home.  I get home about 11:30 p.m.  I'm pooped!
I sure enjoyed seeing my friends and shopping.  I have three class projects to add to my ever growing pile.  Now it is time to get back to my regular life and Christmas stuff.


  1. It`s nice to do something speacial,but a blessing to be home. Plus some lovely kits to work on.:) Happy Stitching.

  2. what are the recommended gadgets?

  3. Like they say........there's no place like home. :)
    Glad you had a great time.